Scientific approach to structure:

As Senta, which works with the mission of providing permanent solutions to the needs of the world construction sector, we are aware of the importance of R&D studies for a manufacturer. In order to realize our mission and vision properly, we continue our investments in this direction by following the developments in the world as well as our own laboratory works.

The R&D department continues its research and development activities by producing solutions to ensure the standardization of the products offered to the sector and to improve quality.

Better every day!

Together with chemist and chemical engineers in the field, we are working to increase our production quality day by day in the light of scientific and technological developments.

While our R&D studies are continuing:

Developing innovative products and solutions that will fully respond to the needs of our professional and individual consumers,

To move the quality and performance of our existing products further day by day,

Producing environmentally friendly products and solutions,

It is based on the items to contribute to the quality of life.